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Online Coin Club: still under construction!

Dear visitors, please not that this site is still under construction. Much does not work, or if it does work - there is no sufficient content. Think of this as a "proof of concept" prototype at this point.

Online Coin Club: what is it going to be?

In short: an online resource for coin collectors. It will have a list of countries and provinces which produce or have produced coins; information about the coins themselves such as their characteristics, history, valuations etc. There will be a platform to manage your collection/s, share information with others, exchange and buy/sell coins.

To get a general idea of the information part, you can browse the New Zealand pre-decimal coins, for example this page.

Online Coin Club: what can I do?

The site needs your help! The long-term vision for this site is for it to be a community project. A community of people to do research, publish and verify data, share their collections and generally make the whole thing work.

The site will work for a profit. Since its success depends on the community, the equitable path will be to reward the members of the community for their contributions. Once the community is established, a mechanism for this will be discussed and implemented. Please use the feedback form to write to us now and join the community if you are interested.

Coin Explorer: Some interesting coins suggested for your perusal
Half Sovereign 1887 Jubilee head
Pound Sterling (pre-decimal)
Half Sovereign 1887 Jubilee head
Mintage: 1,070,567
Material: Gold
Two Oboli 1819 from Ionian Islands
Ionian Obol
Two Oboli 1819 from Ionian Islands
Mintage: 4,139,520
Material: Copper
Five Stotinki 1888 from Bulgaria
Five Stotinki 1888 from Bulgaria
Mintage: 14,000,000
Material: CuproNickel
Twopence 1829 (Maundy) from United Kingdom
Pound Sterling (pre-decimal)
Twopence 1829 (Maundy) from United Kingdom
Mintage: 3,960
Material: Silver
Latest coin and currency news articles
BBCDeadline to dig out old paper £5 notes
United Kingdom
May 4, 2017

The Bank of England said 150 million of its paper £5 notes - the equivalent of about three for every adult in the UK - remain with the public.

Shops may refuse them from Saturday, although banks should exchange them.

States of JerseyWithdrawal of Jersey £1 coin
Feb. 24, 2017

After 15 October 2017, the Jersey £1 coin will no longer be legal tender. The States of Jersey will be withdrawing the coin from circulation to coincide with the UK’s timeline for the introduction of its new £1 coin.

ABC News$10 note: RBA celebrates Australian writers in new design
Feb. 17, 2017

The Reserve Bank of Australia has unveiled the design of the new $10 note, which features similar graphics to the new $5 note released last September that received a mixed reception from the public.

The $10 note incorporates the same top-to-bottom clear window as the $5 note, a clear patch with a rolling colour effect, and a "tactile" feature to help the vision impaired community distinguish between denominations. The $10 note pays homage through symbolism to Dame Mary Gilmore and AB 'Banjo' Paterson, two celebrated Australian writers synonymous with Australian heritage.

Reserve Bank of AustraliaNext Generation of Banknotes: $10 Design Revealed
Feb. 17, 2017

The Reserve Bank has today revealed the design of the new $10 banknote that will be issued into circulation from September 2017. The images show the basic design artwork on each side of the banknote.

The Governor, Philip Lowe, said: ‘The $10 banknote celebrates two famous Australian writers, Dame Mary Gilmore and AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson. Their work is recognised in several design elements on the banknote, including images of a pen nib in two of the clear windows and excerpts of their poetry in microprint.’

Radio PolandNew Polish PLN 500 note to enter circulation
Feb. 5, 2017

The new bill is a response to market demand and the rising costs of maintaining the central bank’s strategic reserves, according to the National Bank of Poland (NBP).

The note will feature an image of King Jan III Sobieski, who reigned from 1674 to 1696, to preserve the chronological continuity of the “Polish Rulers” series, the bank said.

BBCVenezuela's new high value banknotes enter circulation
Jan. 17, 2017

Venezuela has issued new larger denomination banknotes in response to the country's soaring rate of inflation. The three notes, ranging from 500 to 20,000-bolivars, have entered circulation with the aim of making paying for essentials easier.

The biggest New Zealand numismatic event of 2017 – the Numismatic Society of Auckland and Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand DECIMAL 50 conference
The biggest New Zealand numismatic event of 2017 – the Numismatic Society of Auckland and Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand DECIMAL 50 conference

Featured Blog Articles

The 1920 No Mintmark Australian Shilling

The Museum Victoria numismatic collection has a large number of pattern and proof coins in its collection, acquired mostly from the collection of the former Melbourne Mint, but also from other collections including that of the National Gallery of Victoria. One of the coins that is documented as being transferred from the National Gallery of Victoria collection is 1920-dated Australian shilling with no mintmark. All other known 1920-dated Australian shillings have an M mintmark beneath the date, and no literature makes mention of a no mintmark coin: it has apparently gone unnoticed due to its mis-attribution in the Museum Victoria collection as a 1920M shilling.

On Coins, Sites, Relational Databases and Why It Matters

Some thoughts on what lead me to build this site and why things are not as trivial as they seem (and why not always simple is better).

Online Coin Club needs your help!

Online Coin Club starts a "bounty for information" campaign. Contribute some content and you can get a bag of money for it! A small bag of money really, but still...