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Information about Dutch Republic.

Country: Dutch Republic
From year1588
Existed to1806

The Dutch Republic, also known as the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands (Dutch: Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden), Republic of the United Netherlands, Republic of the Seven United Provinces (Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Provinciën), the United Provinces (Verenigde Provinciën), Seven Provinces (Zeven Provinciën), Federated Dutch Provinces (Latin: Foederatae Belgii Provinciae), or the Dutch Federation (Belgica Foederata) was a republic in Europe existing from 1588 until 1795. It emerged when a part of the Netherlands separated from Spanish rule. As the predecessor state of the modern Netherlands and the first united nation state of the Dutch people, the Republic precedes the Batavian Republic (1795-1806), the Kingdom of Holland (1806-1810), the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1815-1830/39), and the Kingdom of the Netherlands (since 1839).

The stadtholders of the House of Orange Nassau since 1556 have traditionally been listed as monarchs, from which the current dynasty is descended. However, they were voted into office by and were civil servants and generals of the semi-independent provinces of the Dutch Republic and cannot really be considered monarchs as such.