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Information about reign: ገብረ ክሪስቶስ (Emperor Gebre Krestos)

From24 March 1832
To8 June 1832
Personal InformationEmperor Gebre Krestos of Ethiopia (unknown - 1832)

Gebre Krestos (Ge'ez: ገብረ ክሪስቶስ, "Servant/Slave of Christ") was Emperor of Ethiopia between 24 March 1832 and 8 June 1832. He was the son of Gebre Mesay, allegedly a descendant of a younger son of Emperor Fasilides.

He was a figurehead, set on the throne by the Enderase or Regent, Ras Ali II an Oromo princeling of the district of Yejju; but shortly afterwards Ali II deposed Gebre Krestos in favor of his brother Sahle Dengel. The clergy of Azazo disapproved of Sahle Dengel for his religious beliefs, and they convinced Ras Ali to recall Gebre Krestos from exile on Mitraha, an island in Lake Tana, and restore him as Emperor. Gebre Krestos then reigned three months until his death; he was buried at the convent of Tekle Haymanot in Adababay. E.A. Wallis Budge reports that some authorities believe he was poisoned.

After an interregnum of a few months, the throne was once again held by his brother Sahle Dengel.