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Information about reign: King Oscar II

From18 September 1872
To7 June 1905
Personal InformationKing Oscar II of Sweden (1829 - 1907)

Oscar II (baptised Oscar Fredrik) was King of Sweden from 1872 until his death and King of Norway from 1872 until his dethronement in 1905.

He was the third of four sons of King Oscar I and Josephine of Leuchtenberg and was given the title of Duke of Östergötland. As his eldest brother Charles XV was without heirs (his only son having died in infancy in 1854) and his brother Prince Gustaf died in 1852, it was he who succeeded his brother as king.

Oscar II was king during a period when Sweden was undergoing a period of industrialization and rapid technological progress. The declining Union of Sweden and Norway was finally dissolved in 1905 and Oscar became the last Bernadotte king of Norway. He died in 1907 and was succeed as King of Sweden by his son, Gustaf V.