Fifty Rand (NCLT), Coin Type from South Africa - detailed information

Fifty Rand (NCLT), Coin Type from South Africa (issued 2019 - )
Coin TypeFifty Rand (NCLT)

The Rand currency was introduced in the then Union of South Africa on 14 February 1961, shortly before the establishment of the Republic on 31 May 1961. The largest circulating coin at the time was fifty cents; gradually, new coins were introduced to replace banknotes, with the highest circulating denomination now being five rand.

From time to time, the South African Mint also issues Non-Circulating Legal Tender (NCLT) coins in higher denominations, such as Fifty Rand, to mark special occasions.


The obverse shows the Coat of Arms of South Africa at centre, dividing the date 2020, with the legend SOUTH AFRICA written around in all the eleven official languages of the country (the order may vary):
Ningizimu Afrika in Zulu,
Aforika Borwa in Tswana,
Afurika Tshipembe in Venda,
Afrika Borwa in Northern Sotho and Southern Sotho,
South Africa in English,
iSewula Afrika in Southern Ndebele,
uMzantsi Afrika in Xhosa,
iNingizimu Afrika in Swazi,
Suid-Afrika in Afrikaans, and
Afrika Dzonga in Tsonga.

The designer's initials ALS (for Arthur L. Sutherland) are to the left of the Coat of Arms.

Obverse InscriptionSOUTH AFRICA · [year] ·

Various designs as individually described below.

Reverse Inscription50 R
Edge InscriptionNone
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Fifty Rand (NCLT): Details
CountrySouth Africa
Face Value50 (x Rand)
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size (mm)
Mass (g)
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