Gold Kilo (2020) Perth Mint Cast Bar, Coin from Australia - detailed information

Gold Kilo (2020) Perth Mint Cast Bar, Coin from Australia
CoinGold Kilo (2020) Perth Mint Cast Bar

Australia has two mints, the Royal Australian Mint (which also makes the country's circulating coinage) and the Perth Mint, which are both very active in the bullion coinage space; coins issued by them are legal tender.

Additionally, there are private issuers of bullion which is not legal tender and is targeted at investors and not at coin collectors - such as this one.

This gold cast bar is part of the Perth Mint's large range of bullion products.

Cast gold bars represent the original method for gold bar refining. Long before computer-controlled stamping machines were available to help product minted ingots with refined shapes and intricate designs, gold was simply melted down and poured into prefabricated casts to shape the bar. Today, cast gold bars remain a viable option for many buyers. Cast gold bars often have rough finishes, with the obverse side generally smooth. Most cast gold bars have smooth, rounded edges and corners as well.

MintPerth Mint Mint MarkPerth Mint Total Mintageunknown


Obverse Inscription (none)
Australia / Gold Kilo (2020) Perth Mint Cast Bar - reverse photo

The reverse shows the Perth Mint's black swan logo, around which the inscription THE PERTH MINT AUSTRALIA.

Below, on two lines the inscription 1 KILO 9999 (one kilogram of 99.99% gold).

Vertically on the left, the unique serial number of reach bar.

Reverse Inscription THE PERTH MINT AUSTRALIA 1 KILO 9999 [serial number]
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone

Gold content (Troy oz): 32.15
Packaging: in protective plastic bag.

All (4) coins of type: Gold Kilo (Private Bullion)
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Gold Kilo (2020) Perth Mint Cast Bar: Details
Coin TypeGold Kilo (Private Bullion)
Issued2020 - 2022
Material0.9999 Gold
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size50.8 x 114.3 mm
Thickness10.160 mm
Mass1,000.000 g
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Gold Kilo (2020) Perth Mint Cast Bar: Photos
1 Kilo Perth Mint Cast Gold Bar
Copyright: JM Bullion
1 Kilo Perth Mint Cast Gold Bar
Copyright: JM Bullion