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We know of 1 currency periods in Cretan State, being:

Cretan Drachma (1900 - 1913)

The Cretan State (Greek: Κρητική Πολιτεία, Kritiki Politia; Ottoman Turkish: كريد دولتى‎, Girit Devleti), was established in 1898. The country issued its own Drachma coinage based on the Greek Drachma. Coins were only issued in 1900 and 1901 (minted at the Paris Mint). They feature symbols of the Kingdom of Greece, reflecting the desire of Crete to unite with Greece, which happened de facto in 1908 and de jure in 1913.

Prince George of Greece was appointed as the first High Commissioner (representative of the Great Powers) in 1898 and was replaced as such in 1906. Even though he was not a monarch or even head of state, he did have his effigy and legend on some of the coins.

The Bank of Crete (Τράπεζα Κρήτης, Banque du Cretè) was established in 1898 and received the exclusive privilege, for thirty years, of issuing banknotes in the island of Crete. This right was retained after the unification of Crete with the mainland. The National Bank of Greece wholly acquired, and subsumed the Bank of Crete in 1919. Cretan banknotes were therefore issued from 1901 through to 1917 - some years after the state no longer existed.

Five Drachmai 1901 - 1901
  Five Drachmai 1901

Two Drachmai 1901 - 1901
  Two Drachmai 1901

One Drachma 1901 - 1901
  One Drachma 1901

Fifty Lepta 1901 - 1901
  Fifty Lepta 1901

Twenty Lepta 1900 - 1900
  Twenty Lepta 1900

Ten Lepta 1900 - 1900
  Ten Lepta 1900

Five Lepta 1900 - 1900
  Five Lepta 1900

Two Lepta 1900 - 1901
  Two Lepta 1900
  Two Lepta 1901

One Lepton 1900 - 1901
  One Lepton 1900
  One Lepton 1901