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Detailed information about Coin: Twopence 1982 (Maundy) from United Kingdom

Coin: Twopence 1982 (Maundy)

Maundy coins are specially minted in varying (but always small) mintage for ceremonial purposes and not intended as circulating currency. They are handed by the British monarch in person to selected deserving individuals once every year. They are issued in "prooflike" condition and usually remain in it, especially the more recent ones.

Maundy money has remained in much the same form since 1670, and the coins used for the Maundy ceremony have traditionally been struck in sterling silver, save for the brief interruptions of Henry VIII’s debasement of the coinage and the general change to 50% silver coins in 1920. The sterling silver standard (92.5%) was resumed following the Coinage Act of 1946.

This twopence coin was distributed by Queen Elizabeth II (together with a one penny coin, a threepence and a fourpence) at the 1982 Maundy ceremony which was held at St David's Cathedral, Dyfed.

CountryUnited Kingdom CurrencyPound Sterling
Face value2 (x Penny) TypeMaundy Twopence (Decimal)
Year1982 CurrentYes
Mintage1,330 (1330)
NameMint markMintage
Royal Mint No mint mark 1,330 (1330)
Material0.925 Silver DesignerJean Baptise Merlen
MonarchQueen Elizabeth II EffigyPortrait by Mary Gillick (First Portrait)
Production technologyMilled (machine-made) ShapeRound
Size (mm)13.4400 Thickness (mm)
Mass (g)0.9400

Laureate young bust of Queen Elizabeth II facing right (effigy known as the "First Portrait"); the designer's initials, M.G. (for Mary Gillick) are incuse on the base of the neck truncation.

The monarch's legend runs continuously all around the bust: ELIZABETH · II · DEI · GRATIA · REGINA · F : D : +. Translated from Latin: Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith.

Obverse inscription ELIZABETH · II · DEI · GRATIA · REGINA · F : D : +

Within an open oak wreath, the numeral 2 representing the denomination of twopence; the number is below a crown and divides the date: 1982.

Reverse inscription2 1982
EdgeMilled Edge inscriptionNone
Twopence 1982 (Maundy): Catalogue Reference IDs
SourceReference ID
Krause, Standard Catalog of World CoinsGreat Britain KM# 899
Spink, Coins of England and the United Kingdom4214
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UK coin dealer supplying high quality and carefully graded antique coins to the discerning collector
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