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Web sites with information on coins, banknotes, coinage, currencies etc.

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Coinscan is a division of the Canadian Numismatic Publishing Institute, established in 1958 by Somer James, publisher of many Canadian numismatic publications.

Каталог монет России

Online catalogue of Russian coins, with many photos.

The Australian Coin Collecting Blog

The site is run by two passionate Australian coin collectors who love Aussie pre-decimal and decimal coins and have a particular interest in errors and mis-strikes. They also own and run The Purple Penny, administer Australia’s Busiest Coin Forum, and try to keep people updated with the latest coin news via their Facebook page.


CoinQuest is not about coin collecting, it is about coin appraisal. Here you find the needed tools to understand the value of your rare and valuable coins, even if you are not a coin collector. The subject is quite complicated, and there are many scam artists in the world of coin dealers. Honest coin dealers pay honest prices for coins they buy from the general public, but the scam artists steal coins from unsuspecting sellers and overcharge inexperienced buyers. Your best bet for finding honest dealers is to know what your coins are worth before you meet with any dealer. Use CoinQuest for this purpose.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Museum

The Reserve Bank Museum celebrates and records New Zealand's economic and banking history.

Coinz.eu: European Circulation Coins Catalogue

Comprehensive catalogue of European circulation coins. High-resolution photos including edges and varieties; detailed information on over 1500 coin types - their design, production and issue facts, mintage, etc.

Altay Coins

Yigit Altay started to make Turkish Republic Coins Collection in February 2004 and has got the ancient coins collector license from Turkish Republic Ankara Independence War and Republic Museum. With this license, he became the youngest ancient coin collector who has the license in Turkey. His web site features information on Ancient, Medieval and modern coins, as well as an online shop.


NumisBids was created to serve the needs of collectors. Its mission is to help collectors find coins that interest them in auctions offered by the world's top numismatic dealers.