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Niue (1974 - )

Niue (Niuean: Niuē) is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, 2,400 kilometres northeast of New Zealand within the triangle formed by Tonga to the west, Samoa to the north, and the Cook Islands to the east. Its land area is 260 square kilometres and its population, predominantly Polynesian, is around 1,190. They commonly refer to the island as "The Rock", a reference to the traditional name "Rock of Polynesia".

Niue, whose capital is the village of Alofi, is a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand, and New Zealand conducts most of its diplomatic relations on its behalf. Niueans are New Zealand citizens, and Queen Elizabeth II is head of state in her capacity as Queen of New Zealand. 90 to 95 percent of Niuean people live in New Zealand, along with about 70% of the speakers of the Niuean language.

Niue is not a member of the United Nations, but UN organisations have accepted its status as a freely-associated state as equivalent to independence for the purposes of international law. As such, Niue is a full member of some UN specialized agencies (such as UNESCO, the WTO, and the WHO), and is invited, alongside the other non-UN member state, the Cook Islands, to attend United Nations conferences open to "all states".

Niue: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Queen Elizabeth II 19 October 1974 9 September 2022 3045
King Charles III 9 September 2022 443
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Niue: Details
Official NameNiue
FlagFlag of Niue
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Niue: Currencies Used
Niue Dollar 1966
New Zealand Dollar 1974