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Saxony, Electorate of (1356 - 1806)

The Electorate of Saxony (German: Kurf├╝rstentum Sachsen, also Kursachsen) was a state of the Holy Roman Empire established when Emperor Charles IV raised the Ascanian duchy of Saxe-Wittenberg to the status of an Electorate by the Golden Bull of 1356.

Upon the extinction of the House of Ascania, it was feoffed to the Margraves of Meissen from the Wettin dynasty in 1423, who moved the ducal residence up the river Elbe to Dresden. After the Empire's dissolution in 1806, the Wettin Electors raised Saxony to a territorially reduced kingdom.

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Saxony, Electorate of: Details
Official NameElectorate of Saxony
Original NameSachsen
FlagFlag of Saxony, Electorate of
Coat of ArmsCoat of Arms of of Saxony, Electorate of
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