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Country: Second Kingdom of Poland
From year1916
Existed to1918

The Kingdom of Poland, also known informally as the Regency Kingdom of Poland (Polish: Królestwo Regencyjne), was a client or puppet state of Germany created during World War I. This government was recognized by the emperors of Germany and Austria-Hungary in November 1916, and it adopted a constitution in 1917. The decision to create a state of Poland was taken by Germany in order to attempt to legitimise its military occupation amongst the Polish inhabitants, following upon German propaganda sent to Polish inhabitants in 1915 that German soldiers were arriving as liberators to free Poland from subjugation by Russia.

The state was utilised by the German government alongside punitive threats to induce Polish landowners living in the German-occupied Baltic territories to move to the state and sell their Baltic property to Germans in exchange for moving to Poland, and efforts were made to induce similar emigration of Poles from Prussia to the state.

Following the armistice with Germany that ended World War I, the area became part of the Second Polish Republic.