Information about currency: Travancore Rupee

Travancore Rupee (1901 - 1949)
Currency NameTravancore Rupee
System1 Rupee = 7 Panam, 1 Panam = 4 Chakram, 1 Chakram = 16 Cash

The Travancore rupee was the currency of the State of Travancore. Unlike the Indian rupee issued by the British, the rupee of Travancore was subdivided into 7 panam, each of 4 chakram, each of 16 cash. The Travancore currency was issued until 1949 before being replaced by the Indian rupee.

As of 1901, silver coins were issued in the denominations or 2 chakrams, 4 chakrams, 7 chakram (1/4 rupee), 14 chakram (1/2 rupee). Copper coins were struck in the denominations of 1 cash, 4 cash, 8 cash, and 1 chakram (=16 cash). The exchange rate with the British Indian rupee was set at 1 British Indian rupee = 28 chakram, 8 cash; equivalently, 1 Tranvancore rupee = 15 annas, 8.63 pies of a British Indian rupee.

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