Information about King Álvaro VI of Kongo

King Álvaro VI of Kongo ((unknown) - 22 February 1641)

Álvaro VI of Kongo, sometimes called Nimi a Lukeni a Nzenze a Ntumba (in the Kikongo language), was a ruler of the Kingdom of Kongo.

Descended through the female line of Anna Ntumba from King Afonso I, he became Duke of Mbemba in 1634. On August 27, 1636, he took power after killing his jealous cousin, Álvaro V who had once before tried to kill him and his brother the future Garcia II. During his six-year reign he abandoned the Makuta region to the Count of Soyo (in 1637) and engaged the Dutch in conflict at Luanda.

Álvaro died on January or January 22, 1641; his brother succeeded him as Garcia II of Kongo.

King Álvaro VI of Kongo reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Manikongo Nimi a Lukeni a Nzenze a Ntumba (King Álvaro VI) Flag of Kongo Kongo 27 August 1636 22 January 1641
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