Information about King Rudolph of the Franks

King Rudolph of the Franks (890 - 14 January 936)

Rudolph or Rudolf (Latin: Rodulfus, French: Rodolphe) was the elected King of France from 923 until his death in 936. Prior to his election as king, he was Duke of Burgundy and Count of Troyes from 921. He was the son of Richard, Duke of Burgundy and Adelaide of Auxerre inheriting the Duchy of Burgundy from his father. He married Emma of France, daughter of king Robert I of France. He is frequently confused with his uncle Rudolph I of Burgundy.

Rudolph was elected king of West Francia in 923 by an assembly of Frankish nobles, to succeed his father-in-law Robert I who was killed in battle against the deposed king Charles the Simple. He was crowned by Walter, Archbishop of Sens at St.Médard in Soissons on Sunday, 13 July 923. On assuming the crown he passed the Duchy of Burgundy to his younger brother Hugh the Black.

King Rudolph of the Franks reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Rodulfus (King Rudolph) West Francia 13 July 923 14 January 936
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