Information about King Sigurd I Magnusson of Norway

King Sigurd I Magnusson of Norway (1090 - 26 March 1130)

Sigurd I Magnusson, also known as Sigurd the Crusader (Old Norse: Sigurðr Jórsalafari, Norwegian: Sigurd Jorsalfar), was King of Norway from 1103 to 1130. His rule, together with his half-brother Øystein (until Øystein died in 1123), has been regarded by historians as a golden age for the medieval Kingdom of Norway. He is otherwise famous for leading the Norwegian Crusade (1107–1110), earning the eponym "the Crusader".

King Sigurd I Magnusson of Norway reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Øystein and Sigurd Magnusson (joint rule) Flag of Norway Norway 24 August 1103 29 August 1123
King Sigurd I Magnusson Flag of Norway Norway 29 August 1123 26 March 1130
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