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Schön, Weltmünzkatalog
NameSchön, Weltmünzkatalog

Weltmünzkatalog (World Coin Catalogue) is an extensive German-language coin catalogue by author Günter Schön. Dozens of thousands of coins are listed alphabetically by issuing country in chronological-systematic order, from lowest to highest denominations, with detailed descriptions and their prices.

Schön reference numbers are widely used in German numismatic literature.

Due to the high volume of information in them, the books have been separated by the century when coins were issued. You can get these books from the list below:

Buy Weltmünzkatalog 21. Jahrhundert (21st Century coins, 2017 Edition) from Amazon.
Buy Weltmünzkatalog 20. Jahrhundert 1901 - 2000 (20th Century coins, 2018 Edition) from Amazon.
Buy Weltmünzkatalog 19. Jahrhundert (19th Century coins, 2013 Edition) from Amazon.

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Years1969 - present
Author/sGünter Schön