Curaçao / King Willem-Alexander

Curaçao - King Willem-Alexander (30 April 2013 - )

Willem-Alexander (Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand) is the King of the Netherlands, having ascended the throne following his mother's abdication in 2013.

King Willem-Alexander was born in Utrecht and is the oldest child of Princess Beatrix and German diplomat Claus van Amsberg. He became Prince of Orange as heir apparent upon his mother's accession as queen on 30 April 1980, and succeeded her following her abdication on 30 April 2013.

As king, Willem-Alexander has weekly meetings with the prime minister and speaks regularly with ministers and state secretaries. He also signs all new Acts of Parliament and royal decrees. He represents the kingdom at home and abroad. At the State Opening of Parliament, he delivers the Speech from the Throne, which announces the plans of the government for the parliamentary year. The Constitution requires that the king appoint, dismiss and swear in all government ministers and state secretaries. As king, he is also the president of the Council of State, an advisory body that reviews proposed legislation. In modern practice, the monarch seldom chairs council meetings.

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