Bavaria, Duchy of / Heinrich V. (Duke Henry V)

Bavaria, Duchy of - Heinrich V. (Duke Henry V) (1004 - 27 February 1026)

Henry of the House of Luxembourg, was the count of Luxembourg (as Henry I) from 998 and the duke of Bavaria (as Henry V) from 1004. He was the son of Siegfried I of Luxembourg and Hedwige of Nordgau.

He was the advocate of the abbeys of Saint-Maximin of Trier and Saint-Willibrord of Echternach, hereditary titles within his family.

In 1004, at the Diet of Ratisbon, he received Bavaria from his brother-in-law, the Emperor Henry II, who was also the duke of Bavaria. In a quarrel with the emperor in 1009, he withdrew him from the duchy but reinstated him in 1017. He never married and his county passed to his nephew Henry and Bavaria returned to the emperor, then Conrad II, who bestowed it on his son, the later Emperor Henry III.

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Heinrich V. (Duke Henry V): Details
CountryBavaria, Duchy of
To27 February 1026
Personal Information Duke Henry V of Bavaria
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Country Details
NameBavaria, Duchy of
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FlagFlag of Bavaria, Duchy of