Ethiopia / ዘድንግል (Emperor Za Dengel)

Ethiopia - ዘድንግል (Emperor Za Dengel) (1603 - 24 October 1604)

Za Dengel (Ge'ez ዘድንግል) was Emperor (throne name Asnaf Sagad II or Atsnaf Seged, Ge'ez አፅናፍ ሰገድ, "to whom the ends [of the earth] / [even] the most faraway lands submit"; 1603–1604) of Ethiopia, and a member of the Solomonic dynasty. He was the son of Lesana Krestos, who was the brother of Sarsa Dengel.

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ዘድንግል (Emperor Za Dengel): Details
To24 October 1604
Personal Information Emperor Za Dengel of Ethiopia
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