Portugal, Kingdom of / Dom Sancho I (King Sancho I)

Portugal, Kingdom of - Dom Sancho I (King Sancho I) (6 December 1185 - 26 March 1211)

Sancho I (nicknamed "the Populator" (Portuguese: "o Povoador"), King of Portugal) was the second but only surviving legitimate son and fifth child of Afonso I of Portugal by his wife, Maud of Savoy. Sancho succeeded his father and was crowned in Coimbra when he was 31 years old on 9 December 1185. He used the title King of Silves from 1189 until he lost the territory to Almohad control in 1191.

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Dom Sancho I (King Sancho I): Details
CountryPortugal, Kingdom of
From6 December 1185
To26 March 1211
Personal Information King Sancho I of Portugal
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Country Details
NamePortugal, Kingdom of
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FlagFlag of Portugal, Kingdom of