Papal States / Papa Hadrianus Secundus (Pope Adrian II)

Papal States - Papa Hadrianus Secundus (Pope Adrian II) (14 December 867 - 14 December 872)

Pope Adrian II (Latin: Hadrianus II, Italian: Adriano II) was Pope from 14 December 867 to his death in 872. He was a member of a noble Roman family who became pope at an advanced age, despite his objections.

Adrian had in his youth married a woman named Stephania, by whom he had a daughter, and both were still living at his election, following which they lived with him in the Lateran Palace. In 868, they were carried off and assassinated by Anastasius' brother Eleutherius, who had forcibly married Stephania.

Adrian died in 872 after exactly five years as pope.

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Papa Hadrianus Secundus (Pope Adrian II): Details
CountryPapal States
From14 December 867
To14 December 872
Personal Information Pope Adrian II
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NamePapal States
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