Papal States / Papa Gregorius XIV (Pope Gregory XIV)

Papal States - Papa Gregorius XIV (Pope Gregory XIV) (5 December 1590 - 16 October 1591)

Pope Gregory XIV (Latin: Gregorius XIV), born Niccolò Sfondrato or Sfondrati, was Pope from 5 December 1590 to his death in 1591.

Gregory XIV's brief pontificate was marked by vigorous intervention in favour of the Catholic party in the French Wars of Religion. Instigated by the king of Spain and the duke of Mayenne, he excommunicated Henry IV of France on 1 March 1591, reiterating the 1585 declaration of Pope Sixtus V that as a heretic (Protestant) Henry of Navarre was ineligible to succeed to the throne of Catholic France and deprived of his dominions.

Gregory XIV levied an army for the invasion of France, and dispatched his nephew Ercole Sfondrati to France at its head. He also sent a monthly subsidy of 15,000 scudi to Paris to reinforce the Catholic League. By coming down solidly on the side of Spanish interests, in part because Gregory XIV was elected due to the influence of the Spanish cardinals, the recent papal policy of trying to maintain a balance between Spain and France was abandoned.

Gregory XIV, who was in poor health before his election to the papacy, died due to a large gallstone and was succeeded by Innocent IX.

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Papa Gregorius XIV (Pope Gregory XIV): Details
CountryPapal States
From5 December 1590
To16 October 1591
Personal Information Pope Gregory XIV
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NamePapal States
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FlagFlag of Papal States
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