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Information about reign: King Chindasuinth

CountryVisigothic Kingdom
From30 April 642
Personal InformationKing Chindasuinth of the Visigoths (563 - 653)

Chindasuinth (also spelled Chindaswinth, Chindaswind, Chindasuinto, Chindasvindo, or Khindaswinth; Latin: Chintasvintus, Cindasvintus; Gothic: Kinþaswinþs; c. 563 – 30 September 653 AD) was Visigothic King of Hispania, from 642 until his death. He succeeded Tulga, from whom he usurped the throne in a coup; he was elected by the nobles and anointed by the bishops 30 April 642.

In 649, Chindasuinth co-opted his son Recceswinth co-ruler; they ruled jointly until Chindasuinth's death in 653.