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Tom SchumannGreat Britain - George V penny varieties
United Kingdom
09 Nov 2016

In his authorative work on British bronze coins Michael Freeman lists two different obverse dies as being used for both the 1920 and 1921 pennies. Freeman lists five different penny obverse dies as having been used during the reign of George V, though subsequent research has revealed an even greater number. The continual changes to the obverse were attempts at reducing ghosting and 1920 and 1921 saw the use of combined use of both Freeman obverse 2 and Freeman obverse 3. The obverses can most easily be distinguished by the space between the words GRA and BRITT – on obverse 3 the space is wider than on obverse 2.

Tom SchumannPossible 2014 ANZAC $1 mule
07 Oct 2016

In late August 2016 on the Australian Coin Forum a possible mule of a 2014 ANZAC $1 with a 10c obverse was reported. The images showed a distinct stepped rim around the entire obverse, very similar to the 2000 $1 mule, and the obverse was reported to be the same size as that of a 10c obverse die. The reported coin's specifications were given as 9g mass and 25.05mm diameter.

Pavel KalinovNumismatic Literature Wishlist

15 Sep 2016

A non-comprehensive list of the numismatic literature needed by Online Coin Club. Please donate...

Pavel KalinovState of the site as at September 6, 2016

06 Sep 2016

Much content has been added since last time, but an awful lot of work remains.

Tom SchumannThe 1920 No Mintmark Australian Shilling
16 May 2016

The Museum Victoria numismatic collection has a large number of pattern and proof coins in its collection, acquired mostly from the collection of the former Melbourne Mint, but also from other collections including that of the National Gallery of Victoria. One of the coins that is documented as being transferred from the National Gallery of Victoria collection is 1920-dated Australian shilling with no mintmark. All other known 1920-dated Australian shillings have an M mintmark beneath the date, and no literature makes mention of a no mintmark coin: it has apparently gone unnoticed due to its mis-attribution in the Museum Victoria collection as a 1920M shilling.

Pavel KalinovOn Coins, Sites, Relational Databases and Why It Matters

13 Apr 2016

Some thoughts on what lead me to build this site and why things are not as trivial as they seem (and why not always simple is better).

Pavel KalinovState of the site as at April 6, 2016

06 Apr 2016

Much functionality and content has been added since last time, but an awful lot of work remains.

Pavel KalinovOnline Coin Club needs your help!

01 Apr 2016

Online Coin Club starts a "bounty for information" campaign. Contribute some content and you can get a bag of money for it! A small bag of money really, but still...

Pavel KalinovState of the site as at February 28, 2016

28 Feb 2016

Much functionality and content has been added since last time, but an awful lot of work remains.

Pavel KalinovState of the site as at January 6, 2016

06 Jan 2016

The site is almost ready to be shown as a "public beta" - in other words, it is usable and has no known issues. However, it still lacks much functionality, and the content which exists is only a tiny fraction of what should be there.