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Information about currency: Czechoslovak Koruna

Currency nameCzechoslovak Koruna
Dates1919 - 1993

1 koruna = 100 haléřů (Czech, singular: haléř) or halierov (Slovak, singular: halier)


The Czechoslovak koruna (in Czech and Slovak: Koruna československá, at times Koruna česko-slovenská; koruna means crown) was the currency of Czechoslovakia from April 10, 1919, to March 14, 1939, and from November 1, 1945, to February 7, 1993. For a brief time in 1939 and 1993, it was also the currency in separate Czech and Slovak republics.

On February 8, 1993, it was replaced by the Czech koruna and the Slovak koruna, both at par.

The (last) ISO 4217 code and the local abbreviations for the koruna were CSK and Kčs. One koruna equalled 100 haléřů (Czech, singular: haléř) or halierov (Slovak, singular: halier). In both languages, the abbreviation h was used. The abbreviation was placed behind the numeric value.

Currency Czechoslovak Koruna periods:
Period Code From To
Third Koruna 1953 1993
Second Koruna 1945 1953
First Koruna 1919 1939
Currency Czechoslovak Koruna was used:
Country From To
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak Koruna 1945 1993
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak Koruna (pre-war) 1919 1939