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Information about currency: Serbian Dinar (Medieval)

Currency nameSerbian Dinar (Medieval)
CountrySerbia, First Kingdom of
Dates1214 - 1459


The first mention of a "Serbian dinar" dates back to the reign of Stefan Nemanjić in 1214. Until the fall of Despot Stjepan Tomašević in 1459, most of the Serbian rulers minted silver dinar coins. The first Serbian dinars, like many other south-European coins, replicated Venetian grosso, including characters in Latin (the word 'Dux' replaced with the word 'Rex'). For many years it was one of the main export articles of medieval Serbia, considering the relative abundance of silver coming from Serbian mines.

Currency Serbian Dinar (Medieval) was used:
Country From To
Serbian Empire Serbian Dinar 1346 1371
Serbia, First Kingdom of Serbian Dinar 1214 1346