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Information about reign: Princ Vidi I (Prince Vidi I)

From7 March 1914
To31 January 1925
Personal InformationWilliam, Prince of Albania (1876 - 1945)

Prince William of Wied, Prince of Albania (German: Wilhelm Friedrich Heinrich; Albanian: Princ Vidi or Princ Vilhelm Vidi), reigned briefly as sovereign of the Principality of Albania as Vidi I from 7 March 1914 to 3 September 1914 when he left for exile. His reign officially came to an end on 31 January 1925 when the country was declared an Albanian Republic.

Outside the country and in diplomatic correspondence, he was styled "sovereign prince", but in Albania he was referred to as mbret, or king. He was also styled Skanderbeg II, in homage to Skanderbeg, the national hero.