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Information about reign: ዓምደ ፡ ጽዮን (Emperor Amda Seyon II)

From7 May 1494
To26 October 1494
Personal InformationEmperor Amda Seyon II of Ethiopia (1487 - 1494)

Amda Seyon II (Ge'ez: ዓምደ ፡ ጽዮን, "Pillar of Zion") was Emperor of Ethiopia and a member of the Solomonic dynasty. He was the infant son of Eskender, and a second wife of Eskander's father Baeda Maryam I.

Amda Seyon quickly became the pawn in the struggle for control of the throne, which ended in his death, and the ascension of Na'od. As Taddesse Tamrat writes, "Amda-Seyon's reign lasted for only six months, and even the hagiographer betrays a sense of great relief at the announcement of his death."