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Information about reign: ኢያሱ፭ኛ (Emperor Iyasu V)

From12 December 1913
To27 September 1916
Personal InformationEmperor Iyasu V of Ethiopia (1895 - 1935)

Iyasu V (Ge'ez: ኢያሱ፭ኛ, the Ethiopian version of Joshua), also known as Lij Iyasu (Ge'ez: ልጅ ኢያሱ), was the designated but uncrowned Emperor of Ethiopia (1913–16). His baptismal name was Kifle Yaqob. Because he was never crowned emperor, he is usually referred to as Lij Iyasu, "Lij" meaning child, especially one born of royal blood.

Lij Iyasu was never referred to as "Iyasu V" or as an emperor during his rule, either by Ethiopians or by foreigners. In the Treaty of Commerce signed between the United States and Ethiopia in June 1914, the ruler of Ethiopia is referred to as "His Royal Highness, Prince Lidj Yassou".