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Information about reign: ሱስንዮስ (Emperor Susenyos II)

FromAugust 1770
ToDecember 1770
Personal InformationEmperor Susenyos II of Ethiopia (unknown - 1771)

Susenyos II (Amharic: ሱስንዮስ) (or Greek Sissinios; died circa 1771) was Emperor (reigned August 1770 – December 1770) of Ethiopia. His name at birth was Wolde Giyorgis; he was the son of a noble woman who had lost her fortune and made her living by carrying jars of water, while it was rumored that he was the illegitimate son of the deceased ruler Iyasu II. The Scottish traveller James Bruce, who was living in the capital city of Gondar at the time, described him as "a drunkard, a ruffian, and a profligate".