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Information about reign: ተክለ ጊዮርጊስ (Emperor Tekle Giyorgis II)

From11 June 1868
To11 July 1871
Personal InformationEmperor Tekle Giyorgis II of Ethiopia (unknown - 1873)

Tekle Giyorgis II (Ge'ez ተክለ ጊዮርጊስ, "Plant of Saint George" born Wagshum Gobeze ዋግሹም ጎበዜ lit. "Governor of Wag, my courageous one"; died 1873) was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1868 to 1871.

Gobeze based his claim to the Imperial throne on a dual heritage: through his father Wagshum Gebre Medhin, he was the heir to the old Zagwe dynasty and the rulers of Lasta, and his mother was a descendant of the Solomonic dynasty. His principal rivals for sole rule were Menelik II (who was at the time king of Shewa), and Dejazmach Kassai (the future Emperor Yohannes IV). Gobeze married the sister of the latter, Dinqinesh Mercha.

Because Tekle Giyorgis's rule was so ephemeral, some lists of the Emperors of Ethiopia omit his name. In Ethiopia today, he is virtually unknown, in contrast to his celebrated predecessor and successor, respectively Tewodros II and Yohannes IV.