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Information about reign: ዘርአ ያዕቆብ (Emperor Zara Yaqob)

From19 June 1434
To26 August 1468
Personal InformationEmperor Zara Yaqob of Ethiopia (1399 - 1468)

Zara Yaqob or Zera Yacob (Ge'ez ዘርአ:ያዕቆብ "Seed of Jacob) was Emperor of Ethiopia (throne name Kwestantinos I Ge'ez ቈስታንቲኖስ or Constantine I), and a member of the Solomonic dynasty. Born at Tilq in the province of Fatagar (now part of the Oromia Region, near the Awash River), Zara Yaqob was the youngest son of Dawit I and his youngest queen, Igzi Kebra.

The British expert on Ethiopia, Edward Ullendorff, stated that Zara Yaqob "was unquestionably the greatest ruler Ethiopia had seen since Ezana, during the heyday of Aksumite power, and none of his successors on the throne – excepted only the emperors Menelik II and Haile Selassie – can be compared to him."