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Information about reign: Sultan Muhammed IV

From6 July 1325
To25 August 1333
Personal InformationSultan Muhammed IV of Granada (1315 - 1333)

Muhammed IV was the Nasrid ruler of the Moorish Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula from 1325 to 1333. He was the son of Ismail I, Sultan of Granada and the sixth Nasrid ruler of Granada in Iberia. He succeeded his father at ten years old.

Muhammad IV died at the age of eighteen and was buried at Malaga on August 25, 1333. Like his father Ismail I, he was assassinated. Granada's nobles who resented his alliance with the Moroccan sultans arranged for his death while he was returning from Algeciras to Granada. His younger brother Yusuf I succeeded him.