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Information about reign: Sultan Muhammed VI

From24 June 1360
To25 April 1362
Personal InformationSultan Muhammed VI of Granada (1332 - 1362)

Muhammed VI (1332 – 25 April 1362) was the brother in-law of Ismail II, by his marriage to one of Ismail II's full-blood sisters, and the tenth Nasrid ruler of Granada in Iberia. He was a second cousin of Muhammed V and Ismail II, whom he conspired against. He was descended from the collateral female branch of the Nasrid Dynasty through his great-grandmother Fatima, daughter of Muhammed II al-Faqih; her second son Muhammad sired a son Ismail, who was father of Muhammed VI. He was known in Spanish as El Bermejo for his red hair. Yusuf IV was his maternal grandson.

Moorish chroniclers described him as a coarse man in dress and manners. He aligned himself with the Christian Crown of Aragon and discarded the usual tribute of his ancestors to Castile. In January 1362 at Gaudix, he took many Castilians captives after their incursion. Muhammed V had returned to Andalusia in 1361. He captured Malaga, Loja, Antequera, Velez and Alhama. Muhammed VI fled Granada in March 1362. He was murdered at Tablada, a town near Seville on April 25, 1362, by the order of King Peter I of Castile, who had helped restore Muhammed V to his throne.