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Information about reign: Sultan Muhammed V (second reign)

From25 April 1362
To16 January 1391
Personal InformationSultan Muhammed V of Granada (1338 - 1391)

Muhammed V (4 January 1338 – 16 January 1391) was the eighth Nasrid ruler of the Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula.

Muhammad V was the eldest son and heir of Yusuf I by his slave Butayna, born on Sunday, January 4, 1338. He also had a younger full-blood sister, A'isha, two half brothers and five half-sisters. He ruled between 1354–1359 and 1362–1391, and is best known for completing the royal palace of the Alhambra with the Palace of the Lions and the Mexuar, or Cuarto Dorado.

He inherited the throne from Yusuf I but was overthrown in August 1359 by his half-brother Ismail II and sought protection with the Marinid sultan of Fez, where Muhammed was inspired with fresh examples of architecture. Ismail was overthrown and murdered with his brother Qays less than a year later in 1360, by his brother-in-law, Abu Said, who ruled as Muhammed VI but was overthrown in turn by Muhammed V, who returned to the throne for another 29 years.

During the three-year period of the reign of Muhammed VI, Muhammed V was plotting his return to power. A chance came in 1362 when King Peter I of Castile (Pedro el Cruel) lured Muhammed VI to his kingdom. There, in Seville, he was murdered and his head sent to Muhammed V as a gift upon his return to the throne. As a gesture of good relations between him and the Marinid, the eldest son of Muhammed V, Yusuf II, married to a daughter of the Marinid Sultan.