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Information about reign: John II Stanley, King of Mann

CountryIsle of Man
Personal InformationJohn II Stanley of the Isle of Man (1386 - 1437)

Sir John II Stanley (c. 1386–1437) was Knight, Sheriff of Anglesey, Constable of Carnarvon, Justice of Chester, Steward of Macclesfield and titular King of Mann, the second of that name.

His father Sir John Stanley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, had been granted the tenure of the Isle of Man, to him and his heirs, by Henry IV, and the younger Sir John succeeded to the Kingdom in 1414. He also held the office of Steward of Macclesfield, Cheshire.

He twice visited the Island to put down rebellions (1417 and 1422) and was also responsible for putting the laws of the Island into writing.