Blog Article: Online Coin Club needs your help!

Online Coin Club needs your help!

Online Coin Club starts a "bounty for information" campaign. Contribute some content and you can get a bag of money for it! A small bag of money really, but still...

The idea of Online Coin Club is to a) become the world-best source of coin- and banknote-related information, while b) developing a community to support it and to use its facilities.

Unlike other sites though, Online Coin Club will NOT rely on "just volunteers".


Mainly, because what is needed is an awful lot of meticulously correct work; not just copying information from a catalogue but also cross-referencing sources, looking up original information, correcting it where the catalogue got it wrong and referencing every little bit of information so it is easily traceable back to its source. And then connecting everything to records of mints, legends, monarchs, effigies... finding the references for THOSE etc. etc.

To do all this, and then just get a "thank you" and make a special label on your account name is... well, let's just say not too attractive.

So, the idea is simple. There is a list of things that need to be done to get the site from where it is now (proof-of-concept prototype with some information already in it) to where it wants to be (world-best source for everything coin- and banknote-related). This list is huge. Some of the tasks on the list can only be done with "backend" access and certain skills (like web programming) so are not really suitable for "outside" help.

Others however are very suitable for the purpose. So... if you head towards the Development Tasks section of the site, you will find a small list of such tasks, most of which are still "Open".

If you head towards the Marketplace section of the site, you will see an ad that offers a small selection of Australian half penny and penny coins.

You can then use the feedback form to tell us that you want to pick a task (do not forget to tell us which task! and leave an email for contact). We mark the task as "taken". You do what is described in it and email us the result.

We then post two dozen Australian coins to you.

Simple... If it works, it will be expanded to other tasks, and other rewards.

Your feedback is welcome.

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American Bullion Inc. - Start a Gold IRA
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AuthorPavel Kalinov
DateApril 1, 2016