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Online Coin Club: what is it?

In short: an online resource for coin collectors. It provides a list of countries and provinces which produce or have produced coins; information about the coins themselves such as their characteristics, history, valuations etc. There will also be a platform to manage your collection/s, share information with others, exchange and buy/sell coins.

To get a general idea of the information part, you can browse the New Zealand pre-decimal coins, for example this page.

Online Coin Club: what can I do?

The site needs your help! The long-term vision for this site is for it to be a community project. A community of people to do research, publish and verify data, share their collections and generally make the whole thing work.

Coin Explorer: Some interesting coins suggested for your perusal
Ten Pfennigs 1894 from New Guinea, German
New Guinean Mark
Ten Pfennigs 1894 from New Guinea, German
Mintage: 23,930
Material: Copper
Two Lepta 1900 from Cretan State
Cretan Drachma
Two Lepta 1900 from Cretan State
Mintage: 793,079
Material: Bronze
Shilling 1938 from British West Africa
British West African Pound
Shilling 1938 from British West Africa
Mintage: 57,806,287
Material: Nickel Brass
Half Sovereign 1887 Jubilee head
Pound Sterling (pre-decimal)
Half Sovereign 1887 Jubilee head
Mintage: 1,070,567
Material: Gold
Latest coin and currency news articles
The Times of IndiaFinally, country gets first made-in-India note
July 20, 2018

The Reserve Bank of India has released a new Rs 100 denomination banknote in the Mahatma Gandhi series with a Swachh Bharat logo in lavender colour.

SIBCNew $5 banknote to be introduced next year
Solomon Islands
July 19, 2018

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands will introduce a new five dollar note, part of its ongoing reforms on security and design specifications.

BBCWhy Canada is suing Australia over a magic possum
April 18, 2018

The Royal Canadian Mint has a bone to pick with its Australian counterpart - a possum bone that is. The Canadian corporation is suing the Royal Australian Mint over a coin that celebrates the popular Possum Magic children's book series.

Their issue is not with the furry marsupial but with Australia's method for printing colour on to coins, for which Canada claims to own the patent.

RTECentral Bank may cease printing euro notes
March 9, 2018

The board of the Central Bank is to consider a recommendation from management to cease printing euro notes at its mint in Sandyford, Co Dublin.

The proposed change would have no impact on the supply of banknotes in Ireland, the majority of which are produced elsewhere.

BBCThe Indian coin that set off millions of messages
February 21, 2018

India's central bank is reckoned to have sent out hundreds of millions of text messages in the last couple of days - all part of a rearguard effort to protect the value of the Indian currency.

Don't be too alarmed, the Indian economy isn't about to tank - not quite yet, anyway. The bank's herculean campaign is only designed to ensure the integrity of the country's humble 10 rupee coin - worth just 10 US cents or 10 UK pence.

Reserve Bank of AustraliaNext Generation of Banknotes: $50 Design Reveal
February 15, 2018

The Reserve Bank has today revealed the design of the new $50 banknote. As with the existing banknote, the new $50 features portraits of Aboriginal writer and inventor David Unaipon and the first female member of an Australian parliament, Edith Cowan. The new banknotes will be released into general circulation in October 2018.

Featured Blog Articles

The 1920 No Mintmark Australian Shilling

The Museum Victoria numismatic collection has a large number of pattern and proof coins in its collection, acquired mostly from the collection of the former Melbourne Mint, but also from other collections including that of the National Gallery of Victoria. One of the coins that is documented as being transferred from the National Gallery of Victoria collection is 1920-dated Australian shilling with no mintmark. All other known 1920-dated Australian shillings have an M mintmark beneath the date, and no literature makes mention of a no mintmark coin: it has apparently gone unnoticed due to its mis-attribution in the Museum Victoria collection as a 1920M shilling.

On Coins, Sites, Relational Databases and Why It Matters

Some thoughts on what lead me to build this site and why things are not as trivial as they seem (and why not always simple is better).

Online Coin Club needs your help!

Online Coin Club starts a "bounty for information" campaign. Contribute some content and you can get a bag of money for it! A small bag of money really, but still...