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This is a non-exhaustive map of the features and information you can find at the Online Coin Club site:

Online Coin Club: General Information Pages
Countries and Currencies List of Modern Countries and Colonies
List of Past Countries and Colonies (under development 2)
List of Other Coin- and Banknote-Issuing Entities (under development 3)
List of Currencies
List of Periods When Countries Used Specific Currencies (under development 4)
List of Currency Transitions (under development)
List of Legends Found on Coins or Banknotes
Currencies News
Currencies Blog
Coins, Related Information and Marketplace List of Coins by Issuing Country
Search Coins by Text (under development)
List of Mints
Coin-Related News:
- Ancient Coinage
- Medieval Coinage
- Modern Coins
Coin-Related Blogs:
- Ancient Coinage
- Medieval Coinage
- Modern Coins
Member Coin Collections (under development 10)
Coins For Sale Ads (under development 5)
Looking to Buy Coins Ads (under development)
Coins Swap Ads (under development)
Banknotes, Related Information and Marketplace List of Banknotes by Issuing Country (under development)
Search Banknotes by Text (under development)
List of Banknote Printers (under development)
Banknotes News
Banknotes Blog
Member Banknotes Collections (under development)
Banknotes For Sale Ads (under development)
Looking to Buy Banknotes Ads (under development)
Banknotes Swap Ads (under development)
People List of People (under development)
List of Monarch Reigns
List of Monarch Effigies
Events List of Country Transitions (under development)
List of Rule Transitions (under development)
List of Currency Transitions (under development)
External Links Web Directory
Coin and Banknote Marketplaces (under development)
Other Information Dictionary of Coin-Related Terminology (under development)
Research Articles (under development)
Research References
Historical Events (under development 8)
Business News
Business Blog
Community News
Community Blog
Online Coin Club: Member Functions
Member Functions Member Sign Up
Member Log in
My Dashboard
Member: My Profiles (under development 6)
Member: My Collections
Member: Add Sale Listing
Member: My Sale Listings (under development 7)
Member: My Swap Listings (under development)
Member: My Blog (under development 9)
Member: My Groups (under development)
Member: My Messages (under development)
Community Functions List of Members
Discussions (under development)
Special Interest Groups (under development)
Community Events (under development 1)
Online Coin Club: General Site Functions
Site Functions Site Blog
Development Tasks
Site Information Map of Site Information and Functions (under development)
The Concept Behind the Site (under development)
The People Behind the Site (under development)
Frequently Asked Questions
Contacts (under development)
About the Site (under development)
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
Numbers in (under development) indicate the (approximate) order of when a features is planned to be developed. "1" would mean "next", "2" would come after that etc. Only the first 10 or so will be marked like this, because planning beyond that is sort of pointless.