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World's Wildlife - The Bald Eagle
Set NameWorld's Wildlife - The Bald Eagle
Congo, Democratic Republic of the / World's Wildlife - The Bald Eagle - photo

This third issue in the annual World's Wildlife Series is dedicated to the Bald Eagle (Ursidae), and contains four gold proof coins with different designs and in sizes ranging from one ounce to one tenth of an ounce. The smaller coins were only issued in this set, and not individually. There are two more sizes in the gold series - a five-ounce coin and a half-gram coin, as well as a silver ounce, which are not included.

The bald eagle is the heraldic bird of the USA, which already indicates its distribution area on the east and west coasts of the USA and in Alaska. Together with the California condor, the bald eagle is one of the largest birds of prey in North America - it reaches a body length of 70 - 90 cm and a wingspan of 1.80 - 2.50 meters. Visually, it is particularly recognisable by its namesake white head and neck. The majestic animal is under species protection in the United States since 1940.

The set comes in a wooden box and a Certificate of Authenticity.

MintGeiger Edelmetalle Mintage300
PackagingWooden Box
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Coin Set Details
CountryCongo, Democratic Republic of the
CurrencyCongolese Franc
Coins GradeProof
Material0.999 Gold
Release PriceEUR 4,350.00
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World's Wildlife - The Bald Eagle: Photo World's Wildlife - The Bald Eagle World's Wildlife - The Bald Eagle
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