2014 Animal Zodiac Complete Set, Coin Set from Cook Islands - detailed information

2014 Animal Zodiac Complete Set
Set Name2014 Animal Zodiac Complete Set
Cook Islands / 2014 Animal Zodiac Complete Set - photo

These twelve silver coins, each of which is 20 grams of pure silver, get their inspiration from Western astrology. Long ago, ancient astrologers divided a circle made by the sky into twelve segments, each of which is marked by a particular constellation. This circle is known as the Zodiac Belt.

Over time, astrologers also assigned personality traits to the signs in the Zodiac Belt, and those individuals born under a certain sign may possess some or even most of these characteristics. The movement of the planets and even the moon are also said to have influence on people’s personality traits and lives in general.

The characteristics of each zodiac sign have been meticulously captured on the beautiful images of the reverse sides of the coins. Here you will find stunning colours, intricate details and proof-like quality in these coins. The obverse sides are also stunning pieces of artistry because of the frosted relief of Queen Elizabeth II. Underneath her image rests a floral design, as well as legend that reveal details about each coin’s denomination and purity. These silver coins are also legal tender in the Cook Islands, and each coin has its own Certificate of Authenticity.

Your 2014 Animal Zodiac Complete Set comes with an attractive acrylic lattice stand that will allow you not only to protect your treasures, but also display them. You will also receive a red presentation case, which makes these coins perfect for gift giving.

MintB. H. Mayer Mintageunknown

The coins were designed and marketed by Australian company Treasures of Oz, and were struck by B.H. Mayer in Germany.

Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Coin Set Details
CountryCook Islands
Issued ByTreasures of Oz
Coins GradeProof
Material0.999 Silver
Product CodeZODSET14
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2014 Animal Zodiac Complete Set: Photo Zodiac Series - 2014 Animal Zodiac Complete Set Zodiac Series - 2014 Animal Zodiac Complete Set
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