Footsteps of Our Ancestors - Ducat Series 2021, Coin Set from Czech Republic - detailed information

Footsteps of Our Ancestors - Ducat Series 2021
Set NameFootsteps of Our Ancestors - Ducat Series 2021
Czech Republic / Footsteps of Our Ancestors - Ducat Series 2021 - photo

The traditional Ducat series of the Czech Mint consists of four gold medals, the specifications of which are based on the Medieval gold ducat coin.

The Mint says about it:
Legend says that when the people led by Father of Bohemia discovered the Promised Land rich in honey and milk, it was untouched by human hands. However, our oldest ancestors - prehistoric mammoth hunters - had called it home thirty thousand years earlier. Even at the time when classical civilisations arose and fell in the south of Europe, the Elbe basin was not deserted. It got its Latin name Bohemia after the Celtic tribe that inhabited it before succumbing to the Germanic invasions. When the time came for the nations to move, the Slavs came from the east. The Moravians built the Great Moravian Empire, which became the cradle of West Slavic culture, and the Czechs founded the Czech Principality. Their destinies then inextricably intertwined and gave rise to the lands of the Czech Crown, on whose solid foundations we stand to this day. Each of our ancestors left something behind and the following unique artefacts reveal to us how they lived and thought:

- Ducat - The Venus of Dolní Věstonice
- Two-ducat - The Celtic head from Mšecké Žehrovice
- Five-ducat - Great Moravian Cross from Mikulčice
- Ten-Ducat - The Chronica Boemorum (Chronicle of the Czechs, or Bohemians)

The obverse sides of the ducats present a faithful depiction of individual historical monuments, which are supplemented with period ornaments. The ceramic statue of a prehistoric woman is accompanied by cave paintings, a stone sculpture of a Celtic druid's head, a silver cross with a martyred Christ of Slavic filigree, and the figure of the chronicler Kosma, together with a medieval script. The reverse side, which is common to all four issues, is in the same spirit. The elaborated reliefs were created by the leading medal maker Lenka Nebeská, DiS.

MintČeská mincovna (Czech Mint) Mintage121
PackagingIn mahogany box
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Coin Set Details
CountryCzech Republic
CurrencyCzech Koruna
Coins GradeProof
Material0.986 Gold
Product Code42103-611
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Footsteps of Our Ancestors - Ducat Series 2021: Photo Ducat series CR 2021 In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors proof - set of four medals Ducat series CR 2021 In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors proof - set of four medals
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