Haribo Goldbears, Coin Set from Samoa - detailed information

Haribo Goldbears
Set NameHaribo Goldbears
Samoa / Haribo Goldbears - photo

This set of specially shaped coins celebrates 100 years of the Haribo Goldbears; the six coins in the set have identical shape but are in different colours.

Haribo Goldbears are the original "gummy bear" sweets and are sold in a golden packet with a picture of Haribo Goldbear, who is mostly saying a message such as "the original goldbears".

Gum arabic was the original base ingredient used to produce the gummy bears, hence the name gum or gummy. Hans Riegel Sr., a confectioner from Bonn, started the Haribo company in 1920. In 1922, inspired by the trained bears seen at street festivities and markets in Europe through to the 19th century, he invented the Dancing Bear (Tanzbär), a small, affordable, fruit-flavoured gum candy treat for children and adults alike, which was much larger in form than its later successor, the Gold-Bear (Goldbär). The success of the Dancing Bear's successor would later become Haribo's world-famous Gold-Bears candy product in 1967.

MintMDM Mintage5,000
Coins included in the set
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Coin Set Details
Coins GradeBrilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Material0.999 Silver
Release PriceUSD 399.99
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Haribo Goldbears: Photo Haribo Goldbears Haribo Goldbears
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