The Vikings Collection, Coin Set from Samoa - detailed information

The Vikings Collection
Set NameThe Vikings Collection
Samoa / The Vikings Collection - photo

Centred around the topic of the Vikings - "between history and myth", this collection encompasses twelve half-ounce silver coins with antique finish, and one "companion" gold mini-coin (half gram) depicting various themes from the life and the myths of the ancient Vikings.

The collection was released on a subscription basis, with a maximum mintage of 7,500 of each coin. A special folder allows collectors to put all of the coins together, but many were sold individually so the "set" mintage (i.e. complete albums) is much lower than 7,500.

MintMDM Mintageunknown
PackagingNot Specified
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Buy Silver and Gold Bullion Online
Coin Set Details
Mintage Limit7,500
Coins GradeUncirculated (UNC)
MaterialSilver and Gold
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The Vikings Collection: Photo The Vikings Collection The Vikings Collection
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