2018 Nelson Mandela Launch Set, Coin Set from South Africa - detailed information

2018 Nelson Mandela Launch Set
Set Name2018 Nelson Mandela Launch Set
South Africa / 2018 Nelson Mandela Launch Set - photo

This special launch set is the final instalment in the Nelson Mandela Centenary coin range, offering collectors one more opportunity to own the R500 1oz, 24ct gold coin. Available in a limited edition of 100, each set represents one year of the centenary.

Each set consists of a R500 1oz pure-gold coin featuring a 100 privy mark on the reverse, as well as a sterling-silver medallion featuring the official logo of the Nelson Mandela Centenary and the individual number of the set on the reverse, and the logo of the South African Mint together with the hallmark and a quote from Mr. Mandela’s autobiography, "The Long walk to Freedom" on the obverse, which reads: “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

MintSouth African Mint Mintage100
PackagingWooden Box
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Coin Set Details
CountrySouth Africa
Mintage Limit100
Coins GradeProof FDC (PR65 and above)
MaterialGold, Silver
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Coin Set Photos
2018 Nelson Mandela Launch Set: Photo 2018 Nelson Mandela Launch Set 2018 Nelson Mandela Launch Set
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