Pegasus 1oz Silver Typeset, Coin Set from Tokelau - detailed information

Pegasus 1oz Silver Typeset
Set NamePegasus 1oz Silver Typeset
Tokelau / Pegasus 1oz Silver Typeset - photo

The understated elegance of the Pegasus design has made it extremely popular with collectors and the most difficult decision for collectors is which variety to purchase! Now however, in response to many requests, a five-coin collection is available direct from Treasures of Oz. This superb set of Tokelau coins is a stunning addition to any silver coin collection.

The five varieties are traditional Proof, Reverse Proof, Antique, Coloured Proof and Gilded Proof, all in five ounces of pure silver that contains incredible artistry. There is detail in every aspect of each coin.

Bounding from thunderous clouds high in the sky, the powerful Pegasus from Greek mythology comes to bring his thunderbolts of inspiration. Poets of the 19th century recognized this legendary creature for his ability to create springs of inspiration by striking the earth with his powerful hooves. Writers and artists thought Pegasus brought with him the creative Muses that invigorated thought and ideas.

Now this symbol can be yours to enjoy in a typeset collection of 5 coins. The sculpted Pegasus and the thunderclouds from which he leaps have been have been minted to perfection and each variety brings something fresh and beautiful to behold. The obverse features the relief image of Queen Elizabeth II. The royal monarch of Tokelau appears directly over the royal badge of this Pacific Island, and there are also legends that indicate the purity and denomination of the coins.

This precious coin set will come to you in a smart collection box, with a limited edition Certificate of Authenticity. Owning this coin set may be an excellent way to invigorate your own silver coin collection.

MintB. H. Mayer Mintage150

The coins were designed and marketed by Australian company Treasures of Oz, and were struck by B.H. Mayer in Germany.

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Coin Set Details
CurrencyTokelau Dollar
Issued ByTreasures of Oz
Coins GradeProof
Material0.999 Silver
Release PriceAUD 499.00
Product CodeMYTS01
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Pegasus 1oz Silver Typeset: Photo Pegasus 1oz Silver Typeset Pegasus 1oz Silver Typeset
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