Unicorn 1oz Silver Typeset, Coin Set from Tokelau - detailed information

Unicorn 1oz Silver Typeset
Set NameUnicorn 1oz Silver Typeset
Tokelau / Unicorn 1oz Silver Typeset - photo

The unicorn is the only mythological and legendary creature that represents pure perfection, and so does the 2014 Unicorn Typeset Collection of Tokelau Coins. In this coin set, you have five ounces of pure silver that has been minted to five different finishes. It is a remarkable Typeset worthy of a place in any silver coin collection.

Consisting of a traditional proof issue, a reverse proof, coloured proof, gilded proof and a beautiful antique version, this five coin typeset is a delight to behold.

Enjoy the depiction of the enchanting unicorn as he steps from the heavily wooded forest into the light of the universe. It is said that the unicorn brings with it magic and miracles, which may explain why so many people wanted to capture this animal for their own purposes. However, only the most pure and innocent may tame the wild unicorn.

Like so many of the legal tender Tokelau coins, the obverse side of the coin features a cameo of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal badge of Tokelau.

MintB. H. Mayer Mintage150

The coins were designed and marketed by Australian company Treasures of Oz, and were struck by B.H. Mayer in Germany.

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Coin Set Details
CurrencyTokelau Dollar
Issued ByTreasures of Oz
Coins GradeProof
Material0.999 Silver
Release PriceAUD 499.00
Product CodeMYTS02
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Coin Set Photos
Unicorn 1oz Silver Typeset: Photo Unicorn 1oz Silver Typeset Unicorn 1oz Silver Typeset
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