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Crown gold - Wikipedia

Crown gold is a 22 karat (kt) gold alloy, crown coin, introduced in England in 1526 (by Henry VIII) to replace the earlier gold sovereign coins which were made from the softer 23 kt gold and which thereby had invited both deliberate filing and also non-intentional wear. The 22 kt standard has been used for British gold coins ever since this change which is 91.667% gold (or 22 parts out of 24).

Danmarks Nationalbank: Banknotes and Coins in Figures

The figure for coins in circulation on Danmarks Nationalbank's balance sheet includes 3,000-krone gold coins (kr. 6.8 million), 1,000-krone gold coins (kr. 15.2 million), 500-krone silver coins (kr. 46.2 million), 200-krone commemorative coins (kr. 99.6 million), and 100-krone Polar coins (kr. 6.9 million) at end-December 2015.

Unlike coins, banknotes have a limited lifetime. To maintain a high quality of banknotes in circulation, the banknotes must be replaced before they become too worn or dirty. The lifetime of a banknote increases with its value, since small denominations are circulated faster than larger denominations and consequently worn faster. While a 50-krone banknote usually has to be replaced after around two to three years, the lifetime of a 1000-krone banknote is normally at least 10 years.

Silver crowns by Davenport number - CoinFactsWiki

John Davenport's catalogs of silver crowns of the world remain the most thorough and accurate exploration of the topic. His listings are particularly important for the confusing issues of Central Europe of the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries.

Whitman Books: Coin Price Guide + Coin Value Guide

Whitman Publishing is the world's leading producer of numismatic reference books, supplies, and products to display and store your coins and paper money. Our high-quality books educate you in the rich, colorful history of American and world coinage and currency, and teach you how to build a great collection. Archival-quality Whitman folders, albums, cases, and other holders let you keep your collectibles safe and also show them off to friends and family. We invite you to explore our catalog - and enjoy the hobby!

Coinz.eu: Sources

Sources of information for circulation coins used for the catalogue coinz.eu. A very extensive list.