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Austria, Habsburg Monarchy (1521 - 1804)

The Habsburg Monarchy (German: Habsburgermonarchie) or Empire is an unofficial appellation among historians for the countries and provinces that were ruled by the junior Austrian branch of the House of Habsburg between 1521 and 1780 and then by the successor branch of Habsburg-Lorraine until 1918. The Monarchy was a composite state composed of territories within and outside the Holy Roman Empire, united only in the person of the monarch. The dynastic capital was Vienna, except from 1583 to 1611, when it was moved to Prague.

From 1804 to 1867 the Habsburg Monarchy was formally unified as the Austrian Empire, and from 1867 to 1918 as the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The head of the Austrian branch of the House of Habsburg was often elected Holy Roman Emperor: from 1415 until the Empire's dissolution in 1806, Charles VII of Bavaria (1742-1745) was the only Holy Roman Emperor who was not Habsburg ruler of Austria. The two entities were never coterminous, as the Habsburg Monarchy covered many lands beyond the Holy Roman Empire, and most of the Empire was ruled by other dynasties.

This Austrian Habsburg Monarchy must not be confused with the House of Habsburg, existing since the 11th century, whose vast domains were split up in 1521 between this "junior" Austrian branch and the "senior" Spanish branch.

Austria, Habsburg Monarchy: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Erzherzog Ferdinand I. (Archduke Ferdinand I), Holy Roman Emperor 28 April 1521 25 July 1564
Erzherzog Maximilian II. (Archduke Maximilian II of Lower and Upper Austria), Holy Roman Emperor 25 July 1564 12 October 1576
Erzherzog Karl II. Franz (Archduke Charles II Francis of Inner Austria) 25 July 1564 10 July 1590
Erzherzog Ferdinand II. (Archduke Ferdinand II of Further Austria) 25 July 1564 24 January 1595
Erzherzog Rudolf V. (Archduke Rudolf V of Lower and Upper Austria), Holy Roman Emperor as Rudolf II 12 October 1576 25 June 1608
Erzherzog Matthias (Archduke Matthias), Holy Roman Emperor 25 June 1608 20 March 1619
Erzherzog Maximilian III. (Archduke Maximilian III of Further Austria) 20 January 1612 2 November 1618
Erzherzog Albrecht VII. (Archduke Albert VII of Lower and Upper Austria) 20 March 1619 9 October 1619
Erzherzog Ferdinand III. (Archduke Ferdinand III), Holy Roman Emperor as Ferdinand II 9 October 1619 15 February 1637
Erzherzog Leopold V. (Archduke Leopold V of Further Austria) 23 February 1623 13 September 1632
Erzherzog Ferdinand Karl (Archduke Ferdinand Charles of Further Austria) 13 September 1632 30 December 1662
Erzherzog Ferdinand IV. (Archduke of Lower and Inner Austria), Holy Roman Emperor as Ferdinand III 15 February 1637 2 April 1657
Erzherzog Leopold VI (Archduke Leopold VI), Holy Roman Emperor as Leopold I 2 April 1657 5 May 1705 1
Erzherzog Sigismund Franz (Archduke Sigismund Francis of Further Austria) 30 December 1662 25 June 1665
Erzherzog Joseph I. (Archduke Joseph I), Holy Roman Emperor 5 May 1705 17 April 1711
Erzherzog Karl III. (Archduke Charles III), Holy Roman Emperor 17 April 1711 20 October 1740
Erzherzogin Maria Theresia (Archduchess Maria Theresa) 20 October 1740 29 November 1780
Erzherzog Franz I. (Archduke Francis I), Holy Roman Emperor 21 November 1740 18 August 1765
Erzherzog Joseph II. (Archduke Joseph II), Holy Roman Emperor 18 August 1765 20 February 1790
Erzherzog Leopold VII. (Archduke Leopold VII), Holy Roman Emperor as Leopold II 20 February 1790 1 March 1792
Erzherzog Franz II. (Archduke Francis II), Holy Roman Emperor 1 March 1792 11 August 1804
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Austria, Habsburg Monarchy: Details
Official NameAustria, Habsburg Monarchy
FlagFlag of Austria, Habsburg Monarchy
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